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Less decency Fast fun

The fun does not mean the hat we will have to lessen our decency but in past decade especially in past few years, we have changed the meaning of fun.

Most of the time fun is lost, entertainment vanishes and decency becomes history only thing remains and in abundance that is our frenzied nature.

No soft drink choice available easy, not sitting and enjoying dance shows but coming on the dance floor, not understanding the intent of speaker but making fun of him, not completing any sentence without slang and so on. The list is very long!

Why the context has changed and being changed?

As far as I know, the only thing behind this is our want of faster results. Doesn’t it so?

Fast recruitment, faster layoffs, fast marriage, faster divorce, fast drive, faster cars and fastest accidents, fast making relations and even sadder breakups.

No decency, no depth, no maturity, no patience, only hangouts, outing, dancing after drinking with loud and loud music leaving no room for introspection.

Making money no matter how it is made. The problem is not that what is mentioned above, problem is that it is praised in our society but no surprise, we all have become same!

We have changed the meaning of expressions, we understand it in a different sense like enthusiasm is understood as excitement and excitement are understood as an impulse.

Any single person cannot be blamed for this. We all are equally responsible. We have made the society like this. Our impulsiveness has led to this, our adulation for fastest way of becoming rich has led to this.

Not only the way of looking at things has changed but also the very motto of life has changed.

Making money is not a thing that can be dispensed with ultimately we all need bread and butter to survive but to have inclination only towards money or making money as a prime goal can be justified?

Also, does life only means survival?

Do let me know your opinions. It would be great hearing what you think about the same.

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