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Not being Logical

Not being logical every time, in fact, being logical at sometimes only! Then what does it mean?
Being illogical every time, yes it may be thought by most of the person because we have
understood only two sides till yet, the third one which is non-logical, we do not take into
consideration ever.
Non-logical is beyond any logic, it is different from illogical which means without logic or lacking sense.
Can we really believe that anything may exist which is beyond any reason or reason or justification?
It may or may not be existing but can we directly rule it out? We do it because we want to understand
each and everything according to cause and effect relationship. If there is a relation between cause and
effect then it is logical otherwise illogical. We take everything in a concrete sense and those abstract
things are neglected because we term them vague or ambiguous. For example, the poem in any form is
read without the figure of speech because of the figure of speech we do not like due to its abstract nature. We
want to measure anything accurately before following them, it has to be proven otherwise we will
ignore them.
As we are organized, we want things in an organized manner. Like the figure of speech, religious preaching is
also of no use to us because if preachers are telling to follow certain habits then we will start analyzing
the results after following those habits, as we are habitual of measuring the things!
We have been trained to focus on things so we are focused and concentrated. Our mind is focused mind
but what about the soul?
Have we ever tried to coordinate the mind with the soul? Never.
The concentration level of mind can be more or less measured but coordination of mind and soul cannot
be measured at all. We will not get any direct advantage but co-ordination will teach us what can be
measured, what cannot be measured and most importantly what is beyond measurement!
The existence of God, the blessings of our parents for us, sudden happening or mishappening are all
non-logical things.
The understanding of non-logical things helps us to understand ourselves and another and ultimately
makes us the leader of our mind and soul.

Do let me know your opinions. It would be great hearing what you think about the same.

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