We should not lose hope & must be visionary

We should not lose hope and must be visionary

Don’t lose Hope: Be Visionary

This is a very common statement which we have been hearing from school days and it is still continued in our professional life. The obvious question arises what is new in this?

This great line containing tons of assurance should always be kept in mind before thinking and speaking about steps taken by the central government for the betterment of its citizens.

Who will deny the saying of Mahatma Gandhi “cleanliness is Godliness”? Keeping these lines in mind and following footprints of Mahatma Gandhi union government came up with “clean India”- an initiative to make our street clean, our town clean and finally a clean Nation.

The Government at centre tried to follow the footprints of Gandhi but failed to perceive that being complacent and the actions which are oppressive in nature were condemned by Gandhi.

The capital city of Jharkhand, Ranchi, in which some policeman manhandled the person and even threatened to send them to jail if they were found emptying bowl in open, and in village of Madhya Pradesh state Government official imposed fine of seventy-five thousand rupees on a family because they violated the law made by state A government which provides that no one will go outside for defecation. There are an endless number of examples if the Government comes up with the mission, then it is the duty of them to provide funds to poor and also ensures that funds reach to proper persons. But there is no time to care for all this. These state Governments are self -satisfied which is evident from the advertisements made by them from the money of taxpayers.

When there is no action and not to speak of action, not even attention towards the waste accumulated in Delhi which is only a few metres smaller in size than that of Qutub Minar! Then God knows what is the condition of waste management across the towns and villages of the country?

But, we must be foreseeable that every family will get their own Toilet and no one will go outside and make hindrance for the mission “Swachh Bharat”!

We haven’t lost our hope for the benefits of demonetization which can be seen in coming months or years, even though RBI has declared that almost every note has come back and those which did not come back cannot compensate the cost of printing new notes!

But, we are visionary.

We expected to get hundred smart cities and knew the name of some from across the states through media in which hundred smart cities were to be built. But, this time government itself lost hope and ordered the officials to prepare a list of hundred backward districts.

The government will try to develop hundred backward district first, the fault is not at part of ourselves we haven’t lost hope.

Members of parliament were requested to opt at least one village and make it an ideal village, how many members from its own party opted for making ideal village let alone from other parties is available on its official website. Again, we are looking forward to the days and months in which more and more elected members will opt for at least one village and actually make it ideal.

The government was in haste not we were, for cleaning Ganga river or giving employment under “PMKVY”

When the concerned ministers failed to achieve the desired objective their resignation was taken with immediate effect. We are never be in the hurry as we know there is ample time left to develop the country and there are abundant resources present, first we should try to win all-state assembly elections after that we will make our country a world leader.

It is our patience which has helped to grow the rating of our country’s economy from positive to stable by ‘Moody’s’. Had the oil price not bee raised there would not have been enormous profit earned by excise department and ultimately getting our economy stable.

We haven’t lost hope and will always remain visionary. 

Do let me know your opinions. It would be great hearing what you think about the same.



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